We’re now playing live more often, and, as should be expected, the performance is getting tighter and tighter. You can play in your basement/rehearsal space until you’re blue in the face, but it’s out on the road, playing live where the real magic happens. Now you can start to push the performance, take risks, and feel the songs.

You also start to learn about the songs you’ve written, and begin to settle into them like a comfortable piece of clothing. When you take a glance at the set list, and see the next song, it feels like “ah, you again, hello old friend.”

In the past I didn’t think too much about a performance, I’d be nervous before getting on stage, but once you’re there, something else takes over and you don’t come out of it until you’re out the other side. It’s not something you can reflect on, because it almost feels like it was another person and it’s lost to the ether.

But now, hearing how the songs are evolving, feeling the lyrics more (even though you wrote them), taking risks with the performance, it has started to become something more…enjoyment.

Enjoyment of being confident to look someone in the audience in the eye.
Enjoyment of looking at your fellow band members, smiling at a mistake.
Enjoyment of knowing you did the song justice, even before the applause.
Enjoyment of standing on a stage, performing your own songs.

Enjoyment of when someone asks, “plans for tonight?” and replying “I’m playing a show, I’m in a band.”